FJ Fleet Sponsorship

Bay Access was recently presented the opportunity to significantly expand its fleet of boats by acquiring 18 Flying Junior (FJ) dinghy sailboats previously owned by the University of South Florida. The FJ’s manageable dimensions and sail plan make it an ideal boat for teaching young sailors boat handling skills and introducing them to racing. Consequently, numerous high schools and colleges around the country maintain FJ fleets, and FJs are an active International Class as recognized by the International Sailing Federation.

Acquiring, outfitting, and maintaining the FJs, however, requires significant financial support from local businesses and individuals. Boat sponsorship will immediately help put kids on the water learning new skills, making friends, and gaining confidence. In addition, boat sponsorship can provide other benefits for your company or organization such as:

– Your company name clearly visible on both sides of a boat’s hull
– Sponsored boats will be featured in numerous regattas and amateur races that will be clearly visible from shore.
– Invitation to private sponsor appreciation parties and events.
– Sponsors’ names featured in print and electronic advertising promoting Bay Access events.
– Winner’s Circle style banners and graphics at awards parties for race participants

If you are interested in learning more about sponsoring an FJ, please contact us at:

General Sponsorships

In addition to the FJ fleet, Bay Access also maintains and operates a fleet of rental boats including Optimists, Lasers, and 420s, which must be stored and maintained. Only a portion of those costs are covered by rental fees; so, contributions must make up the difference.

Contributions can be in the form of cash, fleet sailboats, equipment, or services. If you are interested in making such a contribution, please contact us at: